Balanced Assessment Systems

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Balanced Assessment Systems

Balance seeks that sweet-spot between rigorous testing structures and purposeful strategies that inform teachers and learners. It strives for equilibrium between traditional measures and assessments that display higher, deeper, and applied thinking. It values immediate insights into learning while continuously monitoring progress towards worthy outcomes.

An effective system realizes the importance of connecting assessment purposes with learning outcomes through a continuous cycle of planning, proceeding, and reviewing. This type of system is comprehensive and informative at many levels.

The value of a balanced, comprehensive, and rigorous assessment system lies in meeting the needs of all constituents. It is based on purposeful strategies, multiple measures, and informed responses that guide all learners towards reaching their potential.

The promise of balanced assessment systems is achievable. Focusing our work on growth and improvement is a goal worthy of our efforts. Through this we can bring stability back to the true purpose of assessment: Those activities that involve gathering and analyzing information about performance that is used for the improvement of teaching and learning.foundations4

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