Assessment and Technology


Measuring for Learning: Leveraging the Power of Technology
The US DOE Office of Technology offers insights into the transition to next-generation assessments, the potential of emerging data tools, and technology-enhanced performance measures.

SAMR: A Brief IntroductionThis introduction to SAMR explain the levels of technology from Substitution through Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition and includes examples from multiple content areas.SAMR Model 
Watch Reuben Puentedura, the designer of the model, 
explain how to use it in the classroom.

Student Agency Through Technology-Enhanced Learning
From a study by Jane Hunter of teacher’s technology-enhanced practices comes this conceptual model for “High Possibility Classrooms” that offers a  unique pedagogical framework for technology integration in today’s classrooms.

Using Technology Tools for Assessment  (teaching channel video)
Insightful ideas on using emerging technologies for classroom assessmentmichelangelo-71282_960_720-copy

To Assess, To Teach, To Learn: A Vision for the Future of Assessment
In this detailed report the Gordon Commission reviews key issues in assessment, identifies current challenges, and makes recommendation for what assessment must do in the future.

The Future of Learning: Personalized, Adaptive, and Competency-Based (PDF)
Tom Vander Ark
Explains the benefits, strategies, and challenges of technology-supported learning.

Technology to Support Next Generation Classroom Formative Assessment for Learning
Edys Quellmalz, WestEd
Digital tools and networked communities are described as strategies for supporting effective formative assessment. These types of assessment provide powerful supports for standards.

The Difference Between Technology Use and Technology Integration
How can we move beyond simply adding technology into current practice? What does it mean to redefine teaching and learning with technology?

Future Ready Learning: The 2020 National Education Technology Plan
Combining rigorous evidence with emerging innovations, this report from the USDE provides recommendations for advancing technology in support of teaching and learning.

Project TomorrowSpeak Up Research on Digital Learning
These surveys of over 300,000 students explain how they use digital content, social media, and mobile devices for learning. It considers how this information can inform policy and practice.

More E-Resources for Technology and Assessment

The American Association of School Librarians, a division of The American Library Association share their Best Websites for Teaching and Learning.

Richard Byrnes: Free Technology for Teachers– An extensive curation of resources and original ideas. Here’s one on how to create self-graded quizzes.

Getting Smart includes current ideas and initiatives in technology, leadership, and teaching.

Te@chthought considers learning as it is evolving in the 21st century. Its section on technology is provocative and informative.

Cult of Pedagogy: Included in their inspiring well-developed teaching advice, is this section on emerging tech tools.