Assessment Silos

There is one silo when it comes to standardized tests. Teachers are given test-worthy curriculum accompanied by detailed lesson plans and pacing guides so they know what to teach on which day of the week. This strategy has had little effect on test scores since the 1990s. Standardized tests do have a place and purpose […]

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Tempering Assessment: Reclaiming Equilibrium in Daily Practice

Testing is often viewed through the lens of success or defeat when in truth, it is about improvement. Everyone wants to achieve: No one says “I can’t wait to be a failure.” But success takes “Sisu”, a Finnish word meaning determination in overcoming challenges, resilience in the face of adversity, and perseverance in reaching one’s […]

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Restorative Assessment

Restorative justice dates back to ancient times when it was believed that any crime harmed the whole community. As a strategy to resolve conflicts and repair harm, restorative practices took hold in the criminal justice system in the 1990s. In nursing, it refers to a healing process where treatments respond to identified needs. It now […]

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Assessing the Uncommon Core

What is really at the core of learning? It is not memorizing facts for a test, although we’ve all done it. Motivating learners to reason deeply is more complex than memorization. Think about a time you were inspired to learn because of: Interest, engagement, determination, challenge, or encouragement. There was probably something on that list that […]

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“Although my teachers agreed that the story of “The Blind Men and the Elephant” can be a metaphor for assessment, you facilitated and illuminated their understanding. Take-aways included valuable and relevant strategies that they could immediately put to use in their classrooms. I admire your dedication to our profession and your outstanding presentation skills. You are truly a 21st century educator.”

( Principal, Cheshire Public Schools )

"Dr. Greenstein clearly explains how formative assessment can help teachers do their work smarter and more effectively. I especially like the way she weaves practical next-day strategies into the description of the topic. This is a must for any educator who really believes that every child can learn.”

( Jim L., Connecticut School Superintendent )

“Laura has done a phenomenal job of building a research-based foundation; defining thinking, actions, and skills for living in our complex world; showing how to incorporate common core standards and technology into the mix; and providing suggestions on how to assess it all. As an added bonus, she showed us numerous assessment strategies and lesson plans.”

( Julie P., Assessment Coordinator )