Recovering from Overtesting

Making the Transition From Excessive Testing to Restorative Assessment We stand at a crossroads of educational assessment. It is a time when opportunities are emerging to lessen the adverse effects of over-testing. This includes reducing the amount of time spent giving tests, time spent preparing for tests, and time generating vast amounts of unused data. […]

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STICKY ASSESSMENT Classroom Strategies to Amplify Student Learning

“Sticky Assessment is a straightforward guide to assessment that helps teachers monitor learning, make assessment engaging and meaningful for students, and improve rather than simply measure learning outcomes.” “With a multitude of engaging and realistic classroom examples, Greenstein uses contemporary research extensively to show how teachers can plan and implement effective assessment. Her emphasis on […]

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Teachers are amazing. They arrive early to prepare for the day, encourage and support learners through a spectrum of cognitive and behavioral competencies, and routinely communicate with others to share and strengthen their practice. They comply with a multitude of mandates from teaching to standards to administering standardized tests. Between the standards and the tests […]

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Making Assessment Visible

There is plenty of information available on assessment; often about how teachers can use data more effectively, and why the newest policies and tests will improve learning outcomes. But rarely does this take into account the foundations of best practice in assessment. John Hattie explains that most assessments are used to inform teachers of their […]

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“Although my teachers agreed that the story of “The Blind Men and the Elephant” can be a metaphor for assessment, you facilitated and illuminated their understanding. Take-aways included valuable and relevant strategies that they could immediately put to use in their classrooms. I admire your dedication to our profession and your outstanding presentation skills. You are truly a 21st century educator.”

( Principal, Cheshire Public Schools )

"Dr. Greenstein clearly explains how formative assessment can help teachers do their work smarter and more effectively. I especially like the way she weaves practical next-day strategies into the description of the topic. This is a must for any educator who really believes that every child can learn.”

( Jim L., Connecticut School Superintendent )

“Laura has done a phenomenal job of building a research-based foundation; defining thinking, actions, and skills for living in our complex world; showing how to incorporate common core standards and technology into the mix; and providing suggestions on how to assess it all. As an added bonus, she showed us numerous assessment strategies and lesson plans.”

( Julie P., Assessment Coordinator )