What’s Trending in Assessment

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What’s Trending in Assessment


  1. Rely on Multiple Measures: Develop and expand an array of strategies for measuring essential skills and knowledge.
  2. Emphasize Realistic use of Differentiation and Personalization: While it is not feasible to write 25 different lesson plans, there are powerful ways to personalize learning and assessment.
  3. Move Beyond Data: Numerical analysis of test scores provides part of a picture of student learning. Aim for more nuanced data collection and better evidence of higher level thinking and application of complex skills.
  4. Select Technology for a Purpose: Choose and blend technology with intentional teaching and assessment.
  5. Change the Formula for Success: From performance on a test to competency-based assessment that includes support for students in producing their finest work.
  6. Future Readiness: Expand foundations of learning with more opportunities for applying, creating, collaborating, and owning learning.
  7. Support Teachers: Continue to strengthen teachers as assessors through quality pre-service preparation and targeted in-service support.
  8. Use the Research: Rely on high quality research while avoiding flashy sales pitches.
  9. Monitor: Use the lesson of history to inform legislative decisions that will genuinely improve educational outcomes.
  10. Increase Engagement: Include teachers, parents, and communities in the design, planning, implementation, reporting, and utilization of assessment.

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