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Technology: A Means or an End?

If you want to make a cake, does it matter if you beat the eggs with a fork or electric mixer? Either would work, but if you wanted to make meringue, you’d probably reach for the electric mixer. If you are gathering leaves in your yard, a blower may work faster than a rake, but […]

The Ups and Downs of Using Technology for Long-Distance Assessment

Life is often about considering choices, weighing options, and making decisions. From your favorite coffee to style of exercise, it is practical to think about your goals: Do you need a caffeine boost or a moment of relaxation or are aiming for endurance or strength? Technology is not the learning, rather it is a resource […]

ASSESSMENT IS MORE THAN A TEST IT’S PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SOCIAL TOO! INTRODUCTION FIRST, learning and assessing can be stressful, whether mastering a two-wheeler, making sense of the periodic table, or settling classroom discord. Think for a moment about your learning and teaching stressors? SECOND, assessment can cause physical and emotional stress. Brain hormones such […]

ASSESSMENT UNTANGLED: A 3-Part series on Reclaiming Assessment

I thought I made up the word byzantizing* to explain the bollix** we have gotten into over tests, measurement, and assessment. Then I discovered this definition: “Byzantizing the algorithm implements the ordinary Paxos consensus algorithm under a suitable refinement mapping.” (Lamport, 2011). That’s when I realized I was onto something fundamental and consequential: Assessment must […]

Optimizing Assessment

OPTIMIZING ASSESSMENT By Laura Greenstein Ed.D. The word optimization means making the most effective use of resources, ideas, or conditions in order to make something as functional and effective as possible. Examples include optimizing your computer’s speed or maximizing your car’s fuel efficiency.  Optimization infers making the best use of programs and practices in ways […]

ASSESSMENT: Personalized, Practical, and Purposeful

Conversations about personalized learning are increasing throughout the education community. The language, frequently a matter of semantics*, includes adaptive, rigorous, customized, and paced. Many of these assertions come from the technology sector that continues to leverage research in support of their personalized learning tools. Yet, the evidence of positive effects varies by program design, content […]

Proactive Assessment

What does it take to develop and engage student’s minds while also improving learning outcomes? Habits such as regular exercise and a healthy diet contribute to good health. There are also habits of cognitive health that fortify knowledge and skills and promote success for all learners. Experts on habits praise their value.       […]

Assessing From the Heart

The Core Ideas, Fundamental Practices, And True Intentions of Assessment Relying on the Known    A few years back, the new administration at Mélange High School urged teachers to “flip” their classrooms. In this way, the foundations of a topic were learned at home. In class, students would participate in meaningful discussions and develop critical […]

Assessment that Sparks Learning

Assessment originates from the Latin assistere meaning to assist and from assidere meaning to sit beside. In this way assessment is an intentional process that improves learning by relying on the skilled and knowledgeable guidance of others. A test is only one a type of assessment: It provides merely a partial picture of student learning. […]

Assessment Vocabulary

We are continuously building and expanding this glossary and are open to recommendations for improvement, accuracy, and additions. TERM DEFINITION ACCOUNTABILITY Oversight strategies that ensure the accuracy, effectiveness, and consistency of assessment methods and instruments. ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT Assessment other than traditional pencil and paper tests: Includes projects, exhibitions, demonstrations, products, and performances. Requires students to […]