Digital Literacy and Learning



The Difference Between Technology Use and Technology Integration
How can we move beyond simply adding technology into current practice? What does it mean to redefine teaching and learning with technology?

Student Agency Through Technology-Enhanced Learning
From a study by Jane Hunter of teacher’s technology-enhanced practices comes this conceptual model for “High Possibility Classrooms” that offers a  unique pedagogical framework for technology integration in today’s classrooms.

What Digital Literacy Looks Like in a Classroom
In this EdWeek article, Brianna Crowley offers ideas for developing digital literacy learning plans and creating digital literacy curriculum

Future Ready Learning: The 2016 National Education Technology Plan
Combining rigorous evidence with emerging innovations, this report from the USDE provides recommendations for advancing technology in support of teaching and learning.

Research on Blended Learning
A summary of 7 studies that inform best practice, considers pros and cons, and strategies for personalizing learning.

Blended Learning Implementation Guide
Step by step approach to planning and implementation blended learning to support continuous improvement. Watch a summary here

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Technology in Our Schools
This report from ETS, by Richard Noeth and Boris Volkov, illuminates issues to be considered and recommendations for technology integration in schools.

Matching EdTech Products With Neurological Learning Goals
Judy Willis, writing for Edutopia helps the reader identify the purpose of using technology for learning and the quality indicators for selecting them.

Personalizing Learning with Technology
Darrell West, Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings
Using the ideas and recommendation of educational leaders, the author shows how new models of instruction can improve educational outcomes.

Multimodal Learning Through Media: What the Research Says.
Metiri Group and Cisco.
Using research from the cognitive science and technology, this report illuminates the strengths and drawbacks of learning through multiple pathways.

Beyond the Bubble
The Education Sector
Today’s learners are growing up info savvy, yet we still have a ways to go before assessments can measure the full range of student’s knowledge and skills.

Project Tomorrow
Speak Up Research on Digital Learning
These surveys of over 300,000 students explain how they use digital content, social media, and mobile devices for learning. It considers how this information can inform policy and practice.

SAMR: A Brief Introduction
Reuben Puentedura
This introduction to SAMR explain the levels of technology from Substitution through Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition and includes examples from multiple content areas.

Zero to Eight Media Use: Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media
Children’s media use and its implications for teaching, learning, and assessing.